Chicago Swans vs Minnesota Freeze

The Chicago Swans men and women came to town for the Minnesota Freeze’s end of the year home game on Saturday, September 7th. Cool temperatures greeted everyone, providing the perfect temperature to run and tackle in.

Both clubs battled each other in well fought matches.

The Chicago woman brought a slew of new talent to the field with their developing squad and local Blue Ox topped off the team with several of their veteran and rookie members. Great hand passes and marks were seen across the field of play. Lots of touches and tackles provided both teams with action up and down the field.

Locals Paige Kiecker took home the votes for best and fairest, with nods to Catherine Georgiadis for her tough plays in the mid-field and Chicago Swan’s player Rebekah Quinn, who also gained votes for her cardio and play action seen across the field.

The final score for the women was: MN Freeze 15.13.103 to Chicago Swans/Blue Ox 2.5.17

Like all good rivalries, the men’s game started with a intensity as the men gather momentum for the road to Nationals. With Sarasota a few weeks out, men used this game to push their cardio and find a rhythm with their fellow players. Lots of great shots through the goals and marks from the air were seen on the field.

Final Score for the men’s game: MN Freeze 19.14.128 to Chicago Swans 2.16.18

Staples, Sid, and Flash all got the votes, with Staples bringing home the best and fairest and a chance to drink with the Yeti, after a trip to the ER!

Good on ya teams!


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