Central Regional Tournament

The Minnesota Freeze men and women headed to the mountains for a series of show down matches that highlighted the talent and clubs of the USAFL Central Regional Tournament and the resolve of the Minnesota Freeze.

With the altitude and heat, the Freeze brought pressure, as the men competed with a taste of what division one will have in store for them come October. The men faced tough losses to the Denver Bulldogs 12.9.81 to 3.5.23 and to the Austin Crows 13.8.86 to 0.0.0. The team has gotten a taste of what the road ahead will look like, full of grit, sweat, and hard work, as they continue on the road to Nationals to bring home another round of hardware.

The Minnesota Freeze women also headed to Central Regionals with an eye forward toward their successful season. Coming off of a win at the Des Moines 10’s tournament, the women went with a determination to win the regional tournament and continue their successful momentum.  And win they did. Final scores against all three teams gave a clear message that the Minnesota Freeze are looking to be contenders at Nationals. With a sweep of the tournament at Central Regionals, the women brought home the hardware and a hunger for an elusive win at a National Tournament that seems to be a possibility as the women’s team finds an ease and comfort with one another that allows them to open up the field.

Lady Bull Dogs Red 1.2.8 to Minnesota Freeze 9.6.60

Lady Bull Dogs Blue 2.1.13 to Minnesota Freeze 6.4.40

Houston Lonestar Women 1.1.7 to Minnesota Freeze 5.7.37

Congratulations to all of the men and women that made the trip to represent how truly great the Minnesota Freeze Club is!





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