MN Freeze Australia Day celebration

Continuing a small Freeze tradition, we would like to welcome y’all to the Annual Minnesota Freeze Australia Day Celebration Weeks After Actual Australia Day, on February 9!

Traditionally just a few Freeze bogans have gathered for this major event. Once upon a time, many moons ago, Boonie organized this event on Lake Bemidji with Old Bogans: Quirky, Bondar, Habel in attendance. Recently the event has been moved to Habel’s neck of the woods in Alexandria which spurred greater attendance, smaller fish, and an onslaught on the Ice Cricket Pitch by El Presidente Issac and Team India foreshadowing this past weekend at the SCG!

This year we are moving the location even closer, near Avon, lake TBD. Its about an hour from Maple Grove, unless you take a lift in the HangaVan, it’ll be 1.5 hours…round trip.

Basically, the idea is to celebrate Australia Day with a bit of Minnesota twist. After all we live in the Land of 10,000 Lakes and normally its Freezing cold when Blokes and Sheilas in OZ are ripping back stubbies from the eskie while having a crack at a friendly game of beach cricket, or having a fish with Australia’s best 100 songs of the year blaring in the background!

We have made a few changes this year; including location and amenities, so please check out the details below!

We will have a couple of fish houses and some equipment (the MN twist). However, please bring ice houses and fishing gear if you have it. Will also have a flag raising, with both anthems sung by The Habel Family Choir prior to the coin flip and cricket match.

Bring your family and significant others! (Habel’s wife, Steph, out fishes him each year).

This is an all day affair on Feb 9, maybe all night; might bring the shindig to a pub in the central MN region to continue the festivities after the fish quit biting. So come for what ever part you are keen for. Just know it will be a good time and worth every mile you travel. Keen to reignite the year-long party celebrating the club’s Championship!


What: Annual Minnesota Freeze Australia Day Celebration Weeks After Actual Australia Day.

What does that entail: Ice fishing, Cricket, Aussie Rules Football & Ridiculousness

When: February 9, Saturday, music begins at 10:00 AM!

Where: TBD…perhaps Clear, Upper Spunk, Big Fish or Two Rivers Lakes. Will update once we get closer. You will need to drive out onto the ice, so perhaps plan to carpool out there as much as possible.

Important Items: We will have a biffy placed by the access point for the diva’s of the group.

Why: Because!

Bring: Your good time pants, a chair, warm clothes, and dance shoes. Fishing gear if you have it. Your own choice of beverage, and sign up for food.

RSVP: By completing the RSVP and Food Sign up sheet. Please keep your RSVP current so last minute adjustments can be made by the planning team.

Inclement Weather: Should the weather conditions be miserable, we will post up at a local watering hole. Watch this facebook event for location updates.

Accommodation: If you decide to spend the night up north there is a hotel in Albany, Avon, St. Joe or Cold Spring.

Hit is up with questions, concerns, and great ideas!

Please drink responsibly.

Go Freeze!
-Mergo, Harbs, Issac

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