We Will be Brothers - Teaser

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In August of 2008, 35 American men from all over the country left their families, their jobs, and their homeland to live out a dream in Melbourne, Australia. These 35 individuals joined together to form the United States National Australian Football team-the American Revolution. No lucrative contracts, no endorsement deals, no fame, not even funding for the trip to Australia. Each participant paid their own way to play one of the most physically taxing games in the world, purely for a love of the game and for the opportunity to represent their country. "We Will Be Brothers" is their story...

Over the course of nine months, three tryouts, and five matches, not only do the players strive to win, but they also find a deeper meaning in the game beyond wins and losses. The aging veteran Donnie Lucero, talented rookie Jay Levesque, family man Ryan Marx, and fiery Head Coach Rob Oliver tell the story of America's quest to earn a spot in the Grand Final to be played at the 100,000 seat Melbourne Cricket Grounds.

Highlights include matches against Denmark, China, South Africa, Nauru and Japan, as well as cameos from multiple AFL legends, and a visit with kids at an elementary school. The story that unfolds is about competition, brotherhood, and most of all... life.

The documentary features several members of the Minnesota Freeze club including Ryan Marx, Zach Weaver, Jason Becker, Cirsten Payne, Danny Hansen, and Mike Busse.

The DVD can purchased from https://www.createspace.com/296966