Minnesota Freeze Aussie Rules Football Club

Australian Rules football, or 'footy' as it is colloquially known, is a non-stop thrill - a fast, competitive, physical, and high scoring team game.

In its first three years of competition at the National level the Minnesota Freeze have had remarkable success by winning two championships; Division 3 in 2005 and Division 2 in 2007. Coupled with that on-field success has been the outstanding growth both on and off the field, as it has developed from a team into a fun social club as well.

If you are looking to get involved in sports, looking for something new or perhaps just want to see what footy is all about: join the Minnesota Freeze Footy Club today. New Players Are Always Welcome!!!

We have programs for men and women that cater to all levels of participation: local, National, and International competition. No prior experience is necessary. We have three local teams, comprised of players from various backgrounds, ages, and nationalities that scrimmage against each other throughout the season in a Metro League.

We encourage everyone to come down to Lake Nokomis for our weekly training and join us for a kick.

With an open and welcoming Metro League, a highly competitive team in the Mid-American Australian Football League (MAAFL), and a winning national team, there is much to like about being involved with The Freeze.

Minnesota v. Nashville Stats

We'll have a further write up for the game but here's the box scores from the game today: Read more »

Freeze Women at the Dairyland Duel

The Minnesota Freeze womens club combines with the Milwaukee squad for matches and took part in the Dairyland Duel tournamet on June 27.

Four teams battled it out for the title.  Milwaukee, Atlanta, Denver and New York all competed.  Milwaukee/Minnesota went undefeated in the round robin  tournament including a narrow win over Atlanta in round 2.

Two of our new players, Vanessa and Tera, played in their first intersquad match and represented the Freeze very well.  Both played a variety of positions and improved tremendously in every game. Read more »

Australian Footy Trip - Numero 4

First night out shootin with the boys

MN Freeze,

     Good'ay MN Freeze! I hope everybody is awesome back in warm MN. Right now it's windy and rainy, and 10º C at the moment, and we have training in about an hour...reminds me of Colorado last October. Hopefully Ohio is a little bit warmer this year. Read more »

Back in the Cold Australian Outback

G'day Freeze, et al: 

Ever think Minnesota could be warmer than Australia?  Well when I was back a few weeks ago, the warm Minnesota weather was a treat.  As Tiger stated in his previous post, it’s getting cooler, the autumn is here and winter is around the corner.  Last week we had about 4 full days of rain, which sounds like it is needed in Minnesota more than here.  People here say they have never seen snow, but last week’s storms brought us some BB-sized hail too! Footy is becoming interesting with the addition of the bad weather, our evening trainings under the lights are reminiscent of the USFooty National Championships in Colorado Springs this last fall.  Unfortunately the weekend day games will equal last year’s tournament as winter rolls in.  Welcome to Denmark, Western Australia! Read more »

I'm Going Home, To A Place Where I Belong

Wow, some things in life occur suddenly. Although I made this decision before I decided I was interested in going to Australia for a year, it’s weird to think I am going home right now for my Grandfather’s funeral. When my mother called 19 hours ago, when it was 4am back in Minnesota, I knew the news wasn’t going to be pleasant. Basically, she said, “Grandpa passed away”. Read more »

Hot Crossed Buns, Hot Crossed Buns, One-a-penny…

The job is going well, working hard (or hardly working) into my seventh week at Supa IGA here in Denmark. I have got to say it has exceeded expectations, although I don’t know if I had any expectations before arrival because I was not too informed. I just knew I was going to be ‘doing accounts for the Albany Supa IGA while working in Denmark’. Since I have begun and learned what I AM doing for the next year, let’s see if I can put this into perspective for you. Read more »

American Students Visit for football

International stars: International students studying at Notre Dame University in Fremantle Nick Noner and Michael Jaeger, donned

Reprinted from The Merridin-Wheatbelt Mercury, May 20, 2009

The Bruce Rock Football Club last week played host to two American visitors who are studying in Australia for four months.

The students made their way to Bruce Rock to play their very first game of AFL football.

Nick Noner and Michael Jaeger are international students studying at Notre Dame University in Fremantle.

They have been in WA for six weeks and have developed an appreciation for Australia’s indigenous game through a program conducted by the South Fremantle Football Club. Read more »

Australian Footy Trip - Part Trés

Visiting the Salmon Holes just south east of Albany, WA

Good'ay MN Freeze!

I hope this letter finds everybody in warmth and happpiness. The seasons are a changing down here in southern Western Australia. It's starting to get a bit cooler and the days are getting shorter as autumn wears on. It's been a little while since my last update and a lot has happened since then. I have since begun playing in the local golf league here in Mt. Barker which is every saturday afternoon. The golf is a bit different down here as most of the course in the country have sand greens instead of grass greens and I'm still getting used to playing on them. Also on saturday mornings I've been helping out with the local Auskick program, which is a junior developement program for kids from ages 6-10. It's a lot of fun to get out with the little tikes in the morning and kick the little footy's around. It's pretty cute as they always are asking me to talk with my accent, so I just ask it right back for them to talk in theirs. Work is going pretty good too as I am still working with the local brick paver here in Mt. Barker and we've been doing quite a few random jobs from driveways, to chimney's, to pathways. I should be getting out to the vineyards in a couple of weeks to start pruning the vines. Read more »

Freeze women at the Great Southern Footy Challenge


The Minnesota Freeze womens club combines with the Milwaukee squad for matches and took part in the inagural Great Southern Footy Challenge in Atlanta Ga.

Four teams battled it out in the first hit out of 2009.  Milwaukee, Atlanta, Arizona/Denver and New York all competed.  Milwaukee/Minnesota went undefeated in the round robin portion of the tournament including a convincing win over 3 time national champion and 2008 runners up Atlanta. Read more »

5K Run/Walk

Freeze's first 5K Charity Run/Walk with JDRF. 

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